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Hello there,

A star Manager conflicted. What should we do?

It has come to our notice that one of our best managers – a Sales Manager is involved in doing business related to the company he works for. Even when the appointment letter does not restrict him, other policy documents like the “Conflict of Interest” policy do.

Do we put him on disciplinary action?
Do we fire him?
Should we instead tighten our internal controls so we minimize potential losses?
What could we have done wrong?

We looking at the investment we have made toward this manager and its disturbing to just let go.

Look forward to your comments and advice.

Worried GM

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  1. Eddie says:

    Salary deduction did occur to me recently and now for the last three months, I have been struggling with expenses. We all know the costs currently especially transport to and from work. My morale is totally down and I spend 1/4 of the work time trying to do other things and look for other opportunities.
    I do not know how your team was performing before but reinstating their salaries to about 90% would be good and once operations normalize make it 100%. Train your team and join them to deliver results

  2. KADEDE, Clare says:

    Is the employee doing business within working ours of the company? If this is so, then put him on disciplinary action. Interpret the “Conflict of Interest” policy to him. If this fails the fire him. But remember, if he plays a great part in the achievements of the company, he can join a rival company to put you down.

    Have you at any particular moments appraised other employees and left him out? Some employers treat some employees with unfairness because of ethnicity, culture, background etc. These employers do not acknowledge the good in their employees and as such, the employee may never know that the employers recognize that they are hard working and the best simply because they feel the employee does not deserve a praise.

    Have you ever threatened him at job that now he feels insecure? At times when companies are doing well, bosses tend to forget that the staff contributed to the building of the company. Bosses stop listening, and do things their way. At some point, they remind you of how you became employed and how easily one can lose the job causing insecurity at work and a non conducive work environment.

    Most importantly as one of your best sales manager, have you been paying him fairly? He knows what he is contributing to the company, the company should discuss with him about his financial challenges and offer him more responsibilities leading to more pay.

  3. Komukama Rose says:

    In my opinion he should not only face disciplinary action, lose his job but also face legal action against him so that others can not only learn from this and respect all policies which they signed up and not go skirting around their contracts for loopholes to exploit but work hard at their jobs. Let it be lesson for the others


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