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Following the Presidents address, it looks like we will be back in the office soon. Everyone cant wait for this. However it comes with some concerns. How shall we sit in meetings without wondering whether the neighbor has the virus. Without worrying about the client they are serving. Shall we have temperature monitors at office […]

Strategic Planning

Course Overview: Leaders will recognize their role in developing, implementing and communicating their organizational or program mission and vision to others. Participants will learn to strategically plan and integrate goals and contingency plans in support of their mission and vision. This workshop will stress the importance of employee engagement, communication and ways to reinforce the […]

Coaching for Results

Course Overview: Effective relationships and learning are the mainstays of organizational success today. Organizations that find meaningful ways for their employees to connect are more likely to realize greater productivity, enhanced career growth, freely flowing innovation and overall improvement in employee performance. Coaching and Mentoring is a value-added tool for developing employees on all levels […]

Building High Performance Teams

Course Overview: This course provides participants with the insights and skills to identify the current level of team performance and recognize what skills, tools and techniques are needed to develop an effective team. By analyzing a team building model, participants will determine what skills are needed to improve as a team. Participants will recognize how […]

Change Management

Course Overview: Our world is changing at an accelerating rate, and in multiple dimensions. These emerging trends and forces are changing the context in which organizations function, and the requirements of their leaders. Leaders need to understand the change process and how to define and implement effective change management strategies. The participant’s will recognize the […]