Following the Presidents address, it looks like we will be back in the office soon. Everyone cant wait for this. However it comes with some concerns.
How shall we sit in meetings without wondering whether the neighbor has the virus.
Without worrying about the client they are serving.
Shall we have temperature monitors at office for both staff and clients?
How will safety measures be enforced? Shall companies need a Covid 19 policy?
How will breastfeeding mothers be protected?
How shall we report suspected cases?Employees with normal flu will be stigmatized. Or may be they should just stay home. But how will this be verified especially knowing that some employees may use this reason to stay home.
Shall we have work from home guides with clear deliverables ?  How will performance be enforced?etc And many more questions.
As we prepare to return to office, what should be in place?
Look forward to reading your views.

Change Management

Course Overview:

Our world is changing at an accelerating rate, and in multiple dimensions. These emerging trends and forces are changing the context in which organizations function, and the requirements of their leaders. Leaders need to understand the change process and how to define and implement effective change management strategies.

The participant’s will recognize the importance of creating a climate for change by communicating the importance and urgency. Participants will recognize how to enable people to change through communication, coaching, encouragement and commitment.
Participants will receive tools and guidelines to help them successfully lead change. They will recognize Kotter’s 8-Step Change.
Participants learn how to recognize change and how to deal with radical change, incremental change, unplanned and planned change in an effective way by taking action to modify a situation by changing things, such as people, tasks, structure, or technology of the organization. Participants will recognize how to deal with resistance to change through education, communication, participation, facilitation and negotiation. They will recognize how strategies and culture are critical to gaining commitment and how to build a structure to support change initiatives, teamwork, cross-functional integration, and to use empowerment to overcome limitations.