PEV offers pre-employment services for employers, which simply means that we check the education qualifications and employment backgrounds on behalf of our clients in order to confirm that the details provided in ones application are correct. PEV offers a range of 3 services i.e. the Basic PEV Check, the Professional PEV Check and the Executive PEV



  • The Executive PEV Check covers – Academic, Criminal and Professional track record Verifications.
  • Professional PEV check covers – Professional Track record and Criminal Verifications.
  • Basic PEV Check covers – Candidate’s Track Record.


Relevance of the PEV

The most basic reason is to verify the information that has been received on the application. There are some people that will actually make up information on their job application in order to have a better chance at getting the position they desire. By inquiring about the background of the individual in an official report, the company can compare the information to the application and act accordingly.

In many cases the function of the check is to make sure that the individual will not be an immediate threat or liability to the company.

The PEV Process

  • The Client HR Department gives the prospective employee a statement of fact sheet to fill out and to submit back to them;
  • The Client HR Department will then submit the PEV Statement of fact sheet to RCS, along with photocopies of an applicant’s transcripts;
  • PEV background analysts will then sort and conduct the required checks, after which a report is generated for each application and submitted to the Client HR Department in a timely fashion;



The whole process takes up to 1 month

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