A dream to create lasting solutions

Our Journey

It all began with a dream to contribute lasting solutions to challenges faced by start ups. Knowing that they need to have access to quality services amidst cashflow constraints.

We founded Reliable Corporate Solutions (RCS Consult) in 2008 with one simple goal—to help SMEs increase their net worth through building their capacity. To achieve this through continuous investment in service quality excellence in everything that we did. Guided by our vision of being the best HR firm in Africa, we are proud to have supported hundreds of individuals and organizations.

Todate, our clientele has significantly grown, we have expanded our offering and we have had very brilliant professionals join our team of consultants. Always committed to the bigger goal while at the same time making the workplace a place to look forward to everyday. We have bigger goals ahead of us and we know that with the right team they will be achieved.



To be the best HR firm in Africa


We provide unmatched people Solutions.


Creativity and Innovation. Always have the customer in mind and innovate value adding solutions.
Integrity. In all our relationships, we purpose to be honest and trustworthy.
Collaboration. We work as a team.
Customer Centrism. We care about our customers in every sense.
Commitment to results. We deliver quality and on time


A collaborative diagnostic approach to every assignment. We call our approach connecting thinking. Connected thinking enables our associates resolve complex challenges whether on site or telecommuting. Our focus on behavior change and lasting solutions is yet another attribute that sets us apart.

We listen – we collaborate – we create a lasting solution



Dress for your day. We encourage staff and consultants to dress in a manner that suits who they are going to meet and what they will be doing for the day. Either way, the dress code should be one the supports creative thinking and optimal results.


Our team is the best asset that we have and as such we encourage everyone that works at RCS Consult to participate in one personal development activity every month with an aim of learning new concepts that add value to him or her professionally and to our clients. RCS Consult also purposes to be a learning company and as such looks out proactively for something to do differently every week. That way, we remain competitive and relevant to our customers and true to our mission of building lasting businesses in every market we serve.


As a rule, we never leave anyone in the office to struggle alone in face of an imminent deadline. We all stay behind and help each other to get pending work done. The same spirit is also applied whenever someone falters on their schedule of activities. This we uphold as our code of honor.


We believe that people deliver more when they look forward to an exciting day at work. When the team is relaxed and happy, they are willing to go the extra mile and their creative ability is awakened. A condition that helps us innovate new solutions for our customers.


Whether telecommuting, working at any of our client sites or back at the office, we collaborate to develop the best possible solution for our clients. Even when we know that we go through great lengths to hire the best minds, we believe that working as a team delivers a better service to our customers as compared to isolated thinking.


If it’s not the best, it’s not good enough. This principle guides us in everything that we do, helps us build trust in our customers, helps us get the best staff and associates.s.


We wake up every day to break boundaries. We stretch our minds and the minds of those we work with every day to extreme limits in an effort to find lasting solutions to business challenges. We purpose never to give an excuse for not getting the job done.