Building High Performance Teams

Every leader wants their team to perform well. This course will teach you how to build a high-performance team starting from scratch, raising the bar for an already formed team, or coping with different challenges that can influence the results.

Leading disengaged teams

Disengagement indicates a leadership problem at the Top, not a followership problem at Bottom. Why are employees disengaged? Because their leaders are disengaged. Why are their leaders disengaged? Because their leaders are disengaged. If you keep asking why, you can trace the root cause of all this disengagement all the way to the top leader’s lack of engagement. He/she may or may not be very engaged in managing, but they aren’t engaged in leading. Join this course to learn more.

Employment Law

It is important to understand this because not knowing the law is never going to be
an excuse when you happen to violate one. Labor laws state the rights and benefits
of employees, moreover, it also sets certain conditions such as the required weekly
rest, contributions, and the likes. This course will help you know all the areas of legal
practices that relate to everything that we do in the world of work.

Fundraising Masterclass

Great Fundraising organizations achieve transformational financial growth, cultural alignment for their organizations and increase their ability to deliver their mission. If you would like to become a Great Fundraising organization, this course will give you the insight and tools to grow your income. It is your outstanding opportunity to learn the cultural, behavioral and leadership approaches you need to deliver transformational,
sustainable, mission-driven income growth that meets the needs of your donors.

Sales Masterclass

Join this course to be able to close deals using world-class discovery, demos, follow-up,
and objection handling WITHOUT any shady or pushy tactics.