RCS Consult Data Protection Policy.

RCS Consult Uganda Data Protection Policy

It is the company’s objective to create a safe and secure environment for all data that we collect from all our clients and people that we interact with time to time. RCS Consult shall set up and enforce strict controls to emsure that data collected is properly used for purposes it was collected.
However we take no responsibility for any liability that may arise from the use of data collected. 
How we collect data
We collect data when we exchange emails between us and people that interact with us
When you apply for jobs
When you send us an enquiry about any ot the services that we provide
Data that we collect

  • CVs or resumes
  • Application letters
  • Academic papers
  • Contact addresses – names, telephone numbers  or email
  • Personal data Company data

How do we protect your data
We secure your data using ssl on all our websites and databasesCV database and email address is restricted to authorised staff onlyDownloading of company information on personal devices is strongly prohibited Laptops and desktop computers are secured with passwordsPasswords should not be left in places where others can access themOfficial documents are secured with passwords Laptops or computers should not be taken home without authorisationNo official docment should be left on a table, flow or anywhere in the office unattended to.We work from google driveCompany information should on non company devices out of office- at home, in cafesPasswords to communaly used email addresses will be kept by the supervisorSharing of company information to unauthorized recipients is Strongly prohibited.Our company network will be secured at all times

How we use the data that we get

1. Application letters, CVs, academic papers
We share it with customers that we are recruiting for for purposes of determining a candidate’s ability to do a job they are filling

2. Contact addresses
We use this data when communicating with individuals looking for jobs, communicating with customers through the course of executing consultancy assignments, sharing with customers our company products and services.

3. Company data
This refers to data for companies external to RCS Consult
This data is collected from the surveys that we do or from companies we provide services to. Take an example of HR outsourcing or coaching
We use this information for purposes for which it was intended when executing the respective consultancy work. Where applicable, company data is coded to prevent readers from identifying primary data sources.

3. Personal data
This refers to personal bios. It includes individual passport photos, ID information, addresses, employment record etc
It is used when conducting background checks, produced in court when requested, emmergency contacts like in the case of HR outsourcing, communicating with clients.

Despite the fact that we go to great lengths to have data collected protected, this protection is not 100%. We therefore take no responsibility for any risks that might result from the collection and use of the data we collect.